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Have You Lost Track of Your Debt?

Many consumers have multiple credit card balances and checking accounts. Some have past due rent from previous landlords, auto-deficiency debt after a repossession, payday loans from multiple companies. There are many types of unsecured debts to deal with, not to mention different collections companies that have been engaged to collect on your debts through various Continue Reading

How Do You Decide Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

One of the most common questions we get on our phone lines is this: “What is the difference between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?” The simple answer is that a Chapter 7 is the most common consumer level bankruptcy for unsecured debt, and Chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy that involves a re-organization Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Can Help You Live Without Credit Cards

Dependency on Credit Cards Are you using your credit cards to get by every month? Do you pay off as much as you can on your credit card debt, yet never seem to make a dent in your debt? Your debt seems to only be growing larger and larger with fees, interest, late charges. You Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Judgements or Court Summons

If you have a creditor who is suing you, it is very likely that you have received a court summons to attend a court date or a judgement as a result of a court date. If you have defaulted on a creditor for 90 days or more, a creditor can take you to court and Continue Reading

How Much Time Do You Need to Stop a Foreclosure Sale with Bankruptcy?

Although we are seeing news about economic recovery and rising home sales, foreclosure is still a major issue in today’s environment. Banks are continuing to move forward with foreclosures and scheduling them at their own pace. Planning your life around a foreclosure sale involves learning what to expect from the foreclosure process. If you are Continue Reading

Cheap Bankruptcy in Riverside, Los Angeles, or Orange County?

The Business Insider has published an article about the growing problem of the high cost of bankruptcy. You can read the article here: Here’s an excerpt that we would like to address: Between 200,000 and one million American consumers are estimated to be unable to afford the cost of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Continue Reading

2011 Tax Filing and Bankruptcy

Don’t let the tax filing deadline discourage you from filing for bankruptcy if you have an urgent situation at hand. If you are dealing with a wage garnishment, bank account levy, or any other collection activity that is interrupting your life, the tax filing deadline should not stop you from filing for bankruptcy or finding Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Law Pros helps clients with Bankruptcy in the Inland Empire

Today we met in-person with a client who we have kept in touch with for several months regarding her bankruptcy in the Inland Empire. She has confided in us in her phone conversations over the past months and we have been able to put together a payment plan for her to get started in working Continue Reading

Welcome to Bankruptcy Law Professionals!

Bankruptcy Law Professionals is a Law Office dedicated to providing debt relief services to our clients by filing for bankruptcy. Our website is intented to provide you with information about our firm and its capabilities, but we have also designed this website to provide as much free information to you as possible in order to Continue Reading

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