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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Bancarrota Capítulo 7 Servicio $695

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Bankruptcy Law Professionals ahora esta ofreciendo servicios de Bancarrota Capítulo 7 por una tarifa de $695 costo de abogado. Nuestro servicio de Bancarrota Capítulo 7 por $695 incluye representacion con abogado hasta la descarga y el cierre del caso. Nuestros precios competitivos no comprometen nuestro nivel de servicio. Somos conocidos por nuestro excelente servicio al Continue Reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: $695 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services

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Bankruptcy Law Professionals is now offering Chapter 7 services for a $695 attorney fee. Our $695 offering for Chapter 7 services is a flat rate to complete your Chapter 7 filing with an attorney fully represented through the course of the active bankruptcy until the discharge and closure of the file. Our competitive pricing does Continue Reading

How Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Family and People You Are Associated With?

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Can a bankruptcy impact your family if you are the only one filing? Many people who are considering bankruptcy are interested in the impact of the bankruptcy to their immediate family or others who they may be associated with in business or acquaintance. The fact is that a bankruptcy filing can be done completely independently Continue Reading

When Is It the Right Time for Debt Settlement?

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Debt settlement and debt consolidation can be a good solution for the right type of situation. If you are dealing with unsecured debt with multiple creditors, you may need to hire a debt settlement company to help you negotiate your debts with your creditors. A bankruptcy can certainly wipe out debt with creditors, but if Continue Reading

What CANNOT Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

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There are debts that are not able to be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy code has information that allows certain debts to be discharged and some cannot be discharged at all. It may surprise you to find out how few debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy.  Surprisingly, some of the hottest topics in Continue Reading

Senator Elizabeth Warren Proposal to Help Refinance Student Loan Debt Fails

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Among the most prevalent debt carried by American adults is student loan debt. Student loan debt has become a major issue for the United States at has been a hot topic for our policy makers for the past several years. Measures to extend lower interest rates were recently passed to ease rising interest rates on Continue Reading

What Happens While Your Bankruptcy Is “In Process”?

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A bankruptcy attorney is always asked how long a bankruptcy will take to reach discharge and when the bankruptcy file will be closed. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can take anywhere from a few months to several months depending on your situation, how your case is managed, and how fast the court system your are working Continue Reading

Can You Short Sale Your Property If You File Bankruptcy?

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A short sale is a real estate negotiation between the home owner and the mortgage bank. Your real estate agent should be one that has had some experience with short sale negotiation with a mortgage bank. With the proper guidance from a short sale specialist real estate agent, you may be able to sell a Continue Reading

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

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A bankruptcy can be the best way to begin repairing your credit. The first, most important part of repairing credit is to stop negative debt entries on your credit report. The only way to stop negative reports or marks on your credit report is to cure the debt and stop your creditors from reporting negatives Continue Reading

Collections: What Are Debt Collectors Capable of Doing to Your Future?

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If you have collections agencies talking contacting you. It should not be taken as a trivial matter especially if you have assets to protect. We have found an article by Huffington Post which describes exactly what the goals of a collection company can be. If you haven’t read this article yet, take some time to Continue Reading

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