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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Don’t Be Afraid to Meet with Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

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A bankruptcy is a very private matter. Many people have never discussed their personal financial matters with any outside parties. We understand that it might be difficult for you to go over all the details of your financial habits to a stranger. Bankruptcy can be a daunting matter or sometimes it can even strike people Continue Reading

HOA Debt and Bankruptcy

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Past clients of ours have experienced a Home Owners Association or HOA attempting to foreclose on their homes due to past due debt. We have also heard of HOAs placing liens on homes due to past due debt. A bankruptcy can eliminate past HOA debt. We have helped several clients with this issue in the Continue Reading

Foreclosure Sale and Bankruptcy

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A foreclosure can be devastating to your and your family if you don’t have control of the situation and do not know what to expect from it. One thing that bankruptcy can do for you is to help you control the foreclosure situation. In a foreclosure situation, a bank may schedule a sale date for Continue Reading

Removing a 2nd Loan or HELOC from Your Home Loan with a Bankruptcy

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Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, if a debtor has more than one (1) mortgage on the home (or a 1st and 2nd loan), we may be able to discharge the second mortgage (or home equity line of credit) if the home is the primary residence and the first mortgage balance equals or exceeds the Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Short Sales

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It’s been awhile since we’ve added a new post. We have been extremely busy helping people recover from their financial situations. Our calendars were swamped and we have some very happy clients that we are working with today. Although we’ve been busy, we have plenty of room to help more people. Today, we would like Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Real Estate Equity

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If you have equity in your home, you may still be able to file for bankruptcy and keep your home. Bankruptcy has exemptions to allow you to keep assets that you need to live. This includes some equity in your home as long as it is not excessive. Many of us have lost a lot Continue Reading

Credit Counseling Requirement for Bankruptcy

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Credit counseling sessions are required for bankruptcy filings in the state of California. Fortunately, Bankruptcy Law Professionals have low cost and easy to manage solutions to guide you through this process. For your information, California requires 2 credit counseling sessions. One is required before you file your petition and the next one is required after Continue Reading

Bankruptcy is a Learning Experience

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A bankruptcy is never something that someone would like to plan for in their future. Bankruptcy is always a situation people try to avoid, but if you are in a detrimental financial situation, you should view all opportunities to solve your debt issues as a learning experience, especially if you can get a free consultation Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Unemployment

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If you are currently unemployed or have been unemployed for a long period of time and have recently found employment, bankruptcy may still be a good solution for you. During a period of unemployment, some people will use their savings or retirement funds to pay bills and try to keep up with expenses. If your Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Credit Scores

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It is difficult to estimate exactly how much bankruptcy will affect credit scores because it depends on what is on your credit report and what your current credit score is. If your credit score is very high, you may experience more of an impact on your credit score than if your credit score is already Continue Reading

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