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Bankruptcy By Phone

Bankruptcy Law Professionals offers bankruptcy service by phone. We can complete your full Chapter 7 filing by using phone, fax, email, and web technologies. We understand that in a difficult financial time, your working schedule leaves very limited amount of time to take care of your bankruptcy. Our Bankruptcy by Phone product is the same exact service as you would receive in a regular bankruptcy service except that we can eliminate any inconvenient in-person meetings with you in order to help you manage your busy schedule. Your bankruptcy will be attorney guided throughout the whole process. Here’s how it works:

1. If you are in the Orange County, Inland Empire, or Los Angeles areas, you can contact us for a phone consultation with an attorney at 855-257-7671.

2. Based on the information from your phone consult, we will send you all documents for retaining our firm and get started with the bankruptcy process. We can mail, fax, or email the documents you will need to get started.

3. Fill out our questionnaire by phone or online to send us all of the important details we will need for your bankruptcy petition.

4. Complete your online credit counseling (required by the bankruptcy code). You can also complete credit counseling by phone or in-person if necessary.

5. After all of the required information and payment is sent to us, we will build your final petition and send it to you by mail, fax or email for your signatures and approval.

6. Attend the court date for your 341A Meeting or Meeting of Creditors. We will have an attorney attend your Meeting of Creditors with you (included in the service).

7. Sit back and let us manage the rest of the process for you. We will communicate with the bankruptcy court and let you know if there are any updates. We will notify you when your bankruptcy reaches discharge.

Throughout the whole process, you are guided by our office to take your bankruptcy to completion.

If your schedule or disability makes it difficult for you to come in and out of an attorney’s office, Bankruptcy by Phone is the right bankruptcy solution for you.

Contact us today at 855-257-7671 to get started.

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