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Category Archives: Debt

Find information on how to deal with various types of debt. This category can cover many debt examples such as credit cards, pay day loans, student loans, mortgages, automotive loans, and others.

Your Credit Card Balance Can Impact Your Future

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Credit card companies are great at sending you promotions where low interest rates are offered for cash funds or for offering low interest rates to transfer a credit card balance. The low interest rates can sometimes be as low as 0%. It may seem like you aren’t paying for your purchases for a while by Continue Reading

Today’s Household Debt

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Household Debt Composition Today Looks A Lot Different Than The Past Household debt has reached higher levels than before the Great Recession, but today’s debt has new characteristics that make it much more different than pre-recession times.  Home mortgages were a major factor in the debt crisis of 2007-2008.  Mortgage default in the following years Continue Reading

Credit and Debt Tips For 2017

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Managing and building credit and debt can be one of the most important aspects to pay attention to in adult life. Many times, we are thrown into a life of debt management immediately after graduation from high school or college. Student loans might be the first interaction with debt, but our relationship with debt will Continue Reading

Gambling Debt Can Be Wiped Out In Bankruptcy

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What Qualifies as Gambling Debt? In this week of March Madness, we are addressing a common issue related to sports… gambling debt! Many of us travel to Las Vegas and bet on sports or play games in Native American casinos here in California. Here in the Inland Empire, places like San Manuel Indian Bingo and Continue Reading

Understand Your Debt Collection Rights Under FDCPA

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FDCPA Violations You have rights as a debtor even if you are behind in payments and your debt is in collections. Being behind on payments doesn’t turn you into Mad Max under Marshall Law where the creditors or collectors can do anything they want to get you to pay them. There are rules they must Continue Reading

How To Build Good Credit History and a Improve Credit Scores

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Obvious Ways To Improve Credit Scores There are the well known ways to have good credit history and to improve credit scores. Plenty of sites provide these recommendations and they are fairly simple. We will list those ways for you here and won’t spend too much time on them because you they are obvious and you Continue Reading

Subprime Auto Loans Can Be A Good Option But Also Problematic

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Nearly everyone, at some point in their life, may use a loan for an automobile. Some people might opt for a used vehicle while others prefer a brand new one. Prices vary greatly, depending on where you live, what type of vehicle you are looking for, and what kind of warranty you want. Interest rates Continue Reading

Debt That Does Not Discharge In Bankruptcy

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When paperwork is filed at the beginning of a bankruptcy proceeding, most debt that was incurred previous to the bankruptcy filing is subject to discharge in the bankruptcy except for some specific types of debts. Student loan debt is not usually discharged by any bankruptcy filing. However, there are certain circumstances in which it can Continue Reading

Health Care Medical Debt Top Cause of Bankruptcy

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Health care costs have always been one of the biggest concerns for just about every family in America. The costs associated with health care not only continue to rise, they continue to create financial problems and strain for many families, often becoming completely overwhelming. This is especially the case when a medical emergency arises and Continue Reading

Ways To Reduce Credit Card Debt

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Just about everyone who possesses a credit card is looking for a way to tone down that debt, and for good reason. The average credit card debt at the end of 2016 was just under $6,000 per household, with some being more or less depending on a variety of factors. Why Credit Card Debt Is Continue Reading

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