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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Is Not Anything to Worry About

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One of the major changes that spurred a large influx of bankruptcy filings was the changes made to require each bankruptcy filer to complete credit counseling sessions with the a certified/licensed bankruptcy credit counseling organization. There are many potential filers who are very concerned about the bankruptcy credit counseling. The purpose of this article is Continue Reading

How To Avoid Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees

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Is There A Way to Avoid Court Filing Fees? The filing fee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is currently $335.  In order to avoid paying a court filing fee for bankruptcy in the Central District, you can apply for a fee waiver. There is an option to allow people to apply to waive the court filing Continue Reading

Are You Too Young To File For Bankruptcy?

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At what age should you file for bankruptcy? Is it too early to file when you are in your late teens or early twenties? Is it too late to file if you are retired? When you have been told all of your life to avoid bankruptcy, it might be difficult to judge the optimal time Continue Reading

California Minimum Wage Increased to $9

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Today, California’s minimum wage has been increased to $9. For all who are employed at a minimum wage rate, the increase is a positive move by the State’s policy makers, but this may not be good news for long. The economic impact of a raise in the minimum wage is inevitable for everyone. A wage Continue Reading

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