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Filing Bankruptcy During Shutdown: What You Need to Know

How Are the Bankruptcy Courts Operating?

Covid-19 has halted, slowed, or changed things we depended on in the past, but the process of filing a consumer Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy has become manageable and simple with the new options that courts and bankruptcy trustees have made available. Filing bankruptcies with the courts is the same as always. We have been filing electronically for many years and we are continuing with filing electronically without any delays or challenges. Courts are limiting the number of people that can come to the court in person, but most bankruptcy trustees are providing options to hold trustee meetings by phone or Zoom conference. Courts are continuing to process the bankruptcy filings. Discharge and closure of the file are getting accomplished as normal.

What Adjustments Have We Made?

At the Bankruptcy Law Professionals office, our processes have always been flexible to adjust to the needs of our clients. So, handling our processes electronically, holding consultations by phone and conference calls, electronic filing of petitions have all been a part of our normal day to day business for many years. Meeting with our attorney can be done via phone or also in our office with safety measures in place. Our office can take payments by phone, send documents to be signed electronically, and communicate via email. Even in a phone consultation, our attorney can take your information, take a payment, and begin preparing your bankruptcy petition to be filed. Filing can be handled electronically to file at anytime. Although we are fully capable of operating in the Covid-19 environment, we are also taking internal safety measures such as providing our clients with masks and hand-sanitizer (if needed), using plastic separators to protect client exposure, sanitary wipe-downs after each client visit, and social distancing.

In summary, the Bankruptcy Court is fully functional to complete bankruptcy filings and Bankruptcy Law Professionals is the best equipped to help you do it. It is still the best way to completely eliminate your debts. If you have any questions about how the process works during the Covid-19, please contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals so we can find out how to best help you.

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