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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Filing Fees Raised on June 1st, 2014

Beginning on June 1st, 2014, filing fees for bankruptcies will be raised. Here are the new and the previous rates:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy: $335 (up from $ 306)
Chapter 13 bankruptcy: $310 (up from $281)
Chapter 12 bankruptcy: $275 (up from $246)

This increase may not seem to be a large increase, but if you want to save a few more dollars, try to get your bankruptcy petition filed within the next few days to avoid the additional cost. Bankruptcy filing fee increases are infrequent. So, you can expect to work with this filing fee over the next few years before seeing another increase. Along with most other expenses, the price of bankruptcy filing fees have adjusted higher. So, get in touch with your bankruptcy attorney and make sure you have everything ready to file before the increase.

Bankruptcy filing fees are required to file a bankruptcy if you have an attorney representing you, but check here for info on how to avoid filing fees: How To Avoid Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has offices in Orange County and Riverside to help our clients file bankruptcy petitions.  Our bankruptcy attorneys are available for free in-person consultations or free phone consultations for all of our clients.  Please contact us at (855) 257-7671 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about the bankruptcy process.

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