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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Is Your Income Too High For Bankruptcy?

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Today, the economy seems to have recovered from the past recession. In your personal situation, you may be back to your normal income and employment may have already stabilized, but if you still have left-over debt that needs to be resolved as a result of an income interruption, bankruptcy can still be an option for Continue Reading

Do I have Too Little Debt to File Bankruptcy?

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How Much Debt Do You Need to File Bankruptcy? A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of consumer bankruptcy to get rid of debt that you cannot afford to keep. Whether it is debt from medical treatment, credit card purchases, pay day loans, or left over debt from a repossession, a Chapter 7 Continue Reading

Got an Expensive Car or Bike You No Longer Want to Pay For?

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Do you have a car or motorcycle that you bought a while back that you are not too excited about anymore? Are you behind on the huge payments and don’t know what to do? Bankruptcy can relieve you of the vehicle without any liability to follow. Here’s how it works. If you file a Chapter Continue Reading

Will Bankruptcy Impact Your Spouse?

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If your debts only belong to you and do not involve your spouse in any way, it is possible to file a bankruptcy only for yourself without including your spouse. The option to file independently from your spouse will allow your family to preserve your spouse’s credit record separately by filing an individual bankruptcy.  Filing Continue Reading

What Happens If the Court Dismisses Your Bankruptcy?

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There are several ways a bankruptcy case that was filed in court can be dismissed. The court may choose to dismiss a bankruptcy case if requested documents are not filed or if the filer does not qualify for a bankruptcy. A dismissal is not the end of your chances of getting a bankruptcy completed through Continue Reading

Paralegal Doc Prep vs. Attorney Bankruptcy

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When shopping for a bankruptcy service, you may come across paralegal services who advertise $200 document preparation services. You need to know what the difference between an attorney represented service and a paralegal document preparation service is. First of all, document preparation services do not need to be done by certified paralegals only. Sometimes, it Continue Reading

How Much Should You Pay an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Written on , by

The purpose of this article is to get everyone on the same page for bankruptcy pricing. We aim to provide the facts on how attorneys are pricing their services and what you really need to know about what you are paying for when you pay a law office or paralegal for bankruptcy services. For now, Continue Reading

Bankruptcy for Your Small Business Non-Consumer Debt

Written on , by

Do you have overdue small business debt? Those of you with small businesses may be dealing with some debt as a result of the recession. The recession was tough on small business, but bankruptcy is a federal process that can also help you with your small business debt. Most small business loans are backed by Continue Reading

Chapter 13 and Old Tax Debt

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Do you have outstanding tax debt that has not been paid to the IRS? Bankruptcy can help you deal with IRS tax debt in a manageable method. Last week, we explored dealing with recent tax debt in bankruptcy (  Today, we can take a look at how to deal with old tax debt that is Continue Reading

Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement?

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People who are on the fence about bankruptcy also tend to look at debt settlement as an alternate solution. There are definitely situations where a bankruptcy is less favorable than debt settlement, but you should learn the facts for both. Considering both solutions means that you should learn the process for both services including cost, Continue Reading

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