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Bankruptcy For Car Loan, Auto Loan, Repossession

Auto loans are easy to get and auto finance rates are very low. It is difficult to resist the temptation of buying the best car you can afford, but missed car payments can lead to negative marks on your credit and can also lead to repossession. Late payments of auto loans on your credit record Continue Reading

Got an Expensive Car or Bike You No Longer Want to Pay For?

Do you have a car or motorcycle that you bought a while back that you are not too excited about anymore? Are you behind on the huge payments and don’t know what to do? Bankruptcy can relieve you of the vehicle without any liability to follow. Here’s how it works. If you file a Chapter Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Can Solve Several Debt Issues at the Same Time

Here is a typical situation with multiple debts that can be resolved by Bankruptcy Law Professionals: CLIENT: I owe $285,000 on a money-pit of a home that’s worth way less. I have over $50,000 in credit card debt, a car that’s soon to be repossessed, a few hospital bills, and a $1,500 lien on my Continue Reading