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Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Is Not Anything to Worry About

One of the major changes that spurred a large influx of bankruptcy filings was the changes made to require each bankruptcy filer to complete credit counseling sessions with the a certified/licensed bankruptcy credit counseling organization. There are many potential filers who are very concerned about the bankruptcy credit counseling. The purpose of this article is Continue Reading

When Is It the Right Time for Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement and debt consolidation can be a good solution for the right type of situation. If you are dealing with unsecured debt with multiple creditors, you may need to hire a debt settlement company to help you negotiate your debts with your creditors. A bankruptcy can certainly wipe out debt with creditors, but if Continue Reading

What Happens While Your Bankruptcy Is “In Process”?

A bankruptcy attorney is always asked how long a bankruptcy will take to reach discharge and when the bankruptcy file will be closed. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can take anywhere from a few months to several months depending on your situation, how your case is managed, and how fast the court system your are working Continue Reading

What Happens to Your Loan Mod Application If a Bank Sells Your Mortgage?

A mortgage company which is the owner of your loan can sell your loan to another bank that could have a completely different mortgage service managing the loan. If you happen to have a loan modification in process while the bank has transferred ownership of your loan, you may need to start the application all Continue Reading

Does Bankruptcy Mean Death to Your Credit? The Answer is NO!

We have a general public perception of bankruptcy as a negative impact on your life and although it is true that a bankruptcy is not a favorable mark on your credit, bankruptcy should actually be perceived as a solution rather than the problem.  Bankruptcy exists to help difficult financial situations.  Your debt, collections, wage garnishments, Continue Reading

How Can A Bankruptcy Attorney Help With Your Real Estate Issues?

There are many ways a bankruptcy attorney can assist you through your real estate problems. Many people believe that filing bankruptcy will just result in losing your home and the rest of your valuable possessions. The real truth is that a bankruptcy attorney may be one of the best resources for you in a time Continue Reading

Too Much Cash for Bankruptcy? Think Again.

Is Your Cash In Danger If You File for Bankruptcy? Do you think you have too much cash on hand or in your checking/savings account to file for bankruptcy? Most people have no idea that there are many types of exemptions in bankruptcy. Exemptions are allowances for you to keep assets out of the bankruptcy. Continue Reading

Why You Should Not Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney by Lowest Price

We know your financial situation is difficult if you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, but how much you pay a bankruptcy attorney should not be where you cut corners. You should not look for the cheapest bankruptcy attorney as the sole criteria for choosing an attorney to use in a bankruptcy. If the lowest Continue Reading

A Charge Off Is a Bad Thing For Your Credit

If you are late on paying a debt payment for over 90 days, you may see a label on your debt as “charged off”. This type of “charge off” label on a debt is not a positive mark. Many people falsely believe that a charge off means the debt has been charged off of your Continue Reading

5,607 Bankruptcy Filings Last Month in Orange County and Riverside

The Central District of California includes San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. Within the Central District Jurisdiction, there were 5,607 total bankruptcy filings last month, March 2014. Out of all the California Districts (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Central), the Central District of California Continue Reading

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