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Why You Should Not Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney by Lowest Price

We know your financial situation is difficult if you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, but how much you pay a bankruptcy attorney should not be where you cut corners. You should not look for the cheapest bankruptcy attorney as the sole criteria for choosing an attorney to use in a bankruptcy. If the lowest priced attorney is in-line with the service offerings and qualifications of the others, then it would be a good decision to use them. Cost for bankruptcy service is very important and should be considered a high priority, but a small price difference should not be the deciding factor. Finding the cheapest bankruptcy attorney could put you in the hole for more money than you expect. Here is why.

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney, it is always great to find the cheapest one, but don’t let the cheapest price be the only factor in why you are choosing an attorney to work with. Avoiding other factors besides price could get you in a lot of trouble. If the attorney does only the minimal amount of work for you, the file could dismiss and you will have to pay another attorney to complete the work for you. In this scenario, you will end up paying twice the amount that you originally expected to pay for the bankruptcy. Make sure you consider other factors like the accessibility of the attorney you are working with, the past reputation of the firm, the location of the firm and their office closest to you, the experience of the specific attorney you are meeting with. All of these factors should be considered. You should also meet with the attorney and get a good character evaluation about him or her. Find out where they went to school and talk to them about their work history. They could have been a corporate attorney for 25 years and then just got into bankruptcy this year. That would not be an ideal situation. You want an attorney who has worked in your court systems for many years so that they are familiar with the trustees and judges.

Once again, make sure you take the time to vet the legal resources you are choosing for bankruptcy and you will end up saving money in the long run.  Also, try not to get ripped off and don’t forget to choose someone that you know you will like working with!



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