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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Riverside Court and San Bernardino Court

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has been practicing law in the Inland Empire for over a decade. We understand there are many choices to make when trying to select a bankruptcy attorney in the city of Riverside and surrounding areas, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. Since the San Bernardino court system and the Riverside court system are combined into one, all of San Bernardino and Riverside County’s bankruptcies are held in one bankruptcy court facility.

A bankruptcy is a Federal level activity. Filing a bankruptcy in court means that you are filing a bankruptcy in a Federal Court. Although filing for bankruptcy is at the Federal level, this does not mean that there are no local resources that handle the Federal filings. Actually, it is the exact opposite. Each court system does have Bankruptcy Trustees who work for the Federal Court and act as the manager of bankruptcy filings which are assigned to them. Because the Trustees of the Bankruptcy Court you are working with are locally assigned, an important factor must be considered when choosing a bankruptcy attorney in Riverside or San Bernardino Counties. You should choose an attorney or law firm that has experience specifically in your county of residence. The local attorney or law office in Riverside will know how the Riverside bankruptcy trustees operate, and, even more importantly, the bankruptcy trustees will also have experience with the attorney who is handling your file if you choose a local office that has extensive experience within the area.

This important factor should not be overlooked. As any good attorney knows, there are many grey areas in the translation of the law. The application of the theoretical law on paper into a practical use in the court system always requires some translation or further definition when applying to real world situations. This allows for authority figures like bankruptcy court judges to translate or apply the bankruptcy court in different ways even though they are operating on the same code on paper. Judges and bankruptcy trustees may have different views on how the bankruptcy code is actually applied to specific situations. So, it is important to know the habits and preferences of the bankruptcy court you are dealing with. A one man law office who files a few files a month is not going to know the nuances of each court system like an office that has filed thousands of bankruptcy filings. A highly experienced law firm will know exactly what to expect out of each court house they are working with due to the extensive experience they get from the number of filings.

You have a choice with who you can work with in the bankruptcy court, but, keep in mind, you will need someone on your side who knows how the court systems work. It is also an advantage to work with an attorney who the court system is familiar with. Our Managing Attorney, Mr. Brian Soo-Hoo has been working in these court systems for over a decade. His experience with bankruptcy filings is unsurpassed in both the Riverside/San Bernardino County region and Orange County area.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact us at (855) 257-7671. We look forward to hearing from you.

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