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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Bankruptcy After a Short Sale

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Mortgage and real estate debt problems continue to impact many people in the Inland Empire and Orange County areas even years after the financial crisis of 2008. Even if you have resolved your real estate issues through short sale or foreclosure, you may still have added to your outstanding credit amounts with unsecured debts like Continue Reading

How to Postpone or Stop Foreclosure

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In the recent months, foreclosure postponement or foreclosure cancellation has seen a dramatic increase. California foreclosure cancellations were up 62.1 percent from September to October, and 36.7 percent compared to last year in September. There is speculation that this spike is due to banks committing to prevention of dual tracking of homes that are both Continue Reading

The Fiscal Cliff is Coming

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We are about a month an a half away from the “fiscal cliff”. If Congress does not come to an agreement on the budget to allow federal programs to continue operating, such as the unemployment program, then all of these programs will come to a halt and tax hikes and spending cuts will follow. When Continue Reading

Were You Rejected for HARP Loan Modification?

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HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) is a well know program which utilizes funds provided by the government. The HARP program has gone through a few iterations, the original HARP and HARP 2.0. There is no official designation of HARP 2.0 on the Making Home Affordable website, but the biggest change was eliminating the cap of Continue Reading

Four More Years of Economic Recovery

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Congratulations to President Barack Obama. Our next 4 years with him will continue into our economic recovery from the great recession. Bankruptcy Law Professionals will also continue to help our local community of Southern California to recover from debt issues. Unsecured debt from credit cards were used through this recession to keep our households and Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Law Professionals Stops Creditor Harassment in Orange County

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Creditor harassment is common across our clients in both Orange County and Riverside or Inland Empire areas. Creditors or collections companies are sometimes aggressive in collections activities especially with phone calls to your personal cell phone or home. Some may even contact you at your place of work. It is legal for a creditor collect Continue Reading

What is Bankruptcy Fraud?

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We’ve recently seen multiple articles focused on bankruptcy fraud. Here are a few that have received attention from the media in the past few days: Michael Mastro Bankruptcy Fraud Toni Braxton Bankruptcy Fraud So, how exactly did they break the law and how was it defined as bankruptcy fraud? When an individual files for Chapter Continue Reading

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