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Bankruptcy Law Professionals Stops Creditor Harassment in Orange County

Creditor harassment is common across our clients in both Orange County and Riverside or Inland Empire areas. Creditors or collections companies are sometimes aggressive in collections activities especially with phone calls to your personal cell phone or home. Some may even contact you at your place of work. It is legal for a creditor collect attempt to collect from you during normal hours and within the Federal Debt Collections Practice Act guidelines, but the calls may still be overwhelming for you to handle during a busy day. These phone calls can often cause additional stress in your already difficult situation by making unwarranted threats or speaking to you in a threatening manner.

How Can We Help With Creditor Harrasment?

Bankruptcy Law Professionals Orange County bankruptcy law office and Riverside bankruptcy law office will provide you with the relief you need from the pressure of collections activities. It is important for you to know that an automatic stay becomes active after a bankruptcy is filed which makes it illegal for collections activities to continue. Bankruptcy Law Professionals will go beyond most law firm services to stop the calls for you as soon as you begin working with our office. Once you retain our bankruptcy attorney to help you with your bankruptcy filing, you can immediately inform creditors that you have retained our office for bankruptcy and you may provide them with our phone number and contact information to relieve you from the phone calls. From this point forward, we can manage your creditor or collections activity right even before your full petition is actually filed in court. As with all of our customer service policies, we aim to provide a comprehensive yet personal service to all of our clients whether you have $2000 in debt or $50,000 in debt. You could potentially stop all of your creditor phone calls immediately after the first in-person or phone consultation with Bankruptcy Law Professionals in our Orange County or Riverside law offices.

Contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals at 855 257-7671 for information on how we can help you stop creditor harassment.

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