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Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney Stops Foreclosure

Although Orange County’s real estate market seems to be on the brink of recovery, there are still many homeowners who are in default of their mortgage. For these homeowners, Bankruptcy Law Professionals can be of great assistance. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has spent the past several years helping hundreds of people in Orange County with mortgage problems. We have watched many fads and popular buzz-words come and go in the media that claimed to solve mortgage and foreclosure problems. We work with clients all over Orange County (including Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita, Tustin, Lake Forest, Dana Point, San Clemente, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Coto De Caza, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach) and have seen fad foreclosure solutions pop up in all areas.

Loan modification services, class action law suits, debt consolidation firms have all had their ups and downs. Loan modification companies were getting shut down over making their clients pay up front for services that were not completed. Today, it is illegal for loan modification services to charge up front costs for their service. Class action law suits were very popular over the last few years. This is when companies will solicit people who cannot afford their mortgage to sue the mortgage company over unfair lending practices or some other various reasons like MERS violations. These companies were basically set up as a law firm, but powered by call centers that took money to add your name to a huge list of people who wanted to sue mortgage banks to use as leverage to stay in their homes. Well, most of these class action law suits are being thrown out of court by judges because all of the individual situations are different. None of the “class action” plaintiffs have the same exact house, same loan, same neighborhood, and same mortgage scenario. Judges recognize this and throw it out of court because it is not a true “class-action” situation. Debt consolidation firms were also getting shut down because they rarely provided the service that they advertise to provide. Debt consolidation usually may help settle a couple of accounts, but you probably paid just as much in monthly service fees and account charges to have settled the accounts on your own.

Orange County has experienced waves of all these types of services throughout our cities, but the longest standing, legal solution that is still very effective today is bankruptcy. Whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy works best for you, we can provide the most effective solution for you. Our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys have spent the past several years with hundreds of clients working in the bankruptcy court system of Orange County to help our clients with the best foreclosure solutions available. To contact our office to talk with an Orange County bankruptcy attorney, contact us at (855) 257-7671.

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