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Why Your Bank Won’t Accept HARP Loan Modification

We know you hear a lot about loan modifications and these fantastic programs that will allow you to adjust your home loan terms to make it more affordable for you. These programs are well publicized on the news and reports say that millions will qualify for the assistance. The most important problem we hear from our contacts is that mortgage companies are no longer willing to communicate to find alternative solutions to foreclosure. Some won’t accept your HARP loan modification application. We also know that all loan modification applications whether they are for a government program like HAMP or HARP 2.0 are subject to the acceptance of the application through the mortgage company or bank. If your bank is no longer helping you find solutions to foreclosure, how can you turn in an application for HARP loan modification?

Many times, the reason for not accepting any solutions outside of foreclosure is because you may be coming very close to your sale date. Your bank is not taking your inquiries seriously, and they don’t care if you go into foreclosure. A bankruptcy will force them to postpone your sale date. With a bankruptcy, an automatic stay is given to the homeowner under bankruptcy protection, which will stop the foreclosure sale from happening. Our attorney will provide your bank with an authorization to communicate with you outside of the bankruptcy so that they can entertain any other solutions like a short sale or loan modification.

If you are in this type of situation and you need help with stopping a sale and applying for a loan modification, contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals at 855 257-7671.

We have excellent experience helping people in Riverside and San Bernardino counties to stop foreclosure sales and find alternatives to foreclosure. Bankruptcy has proven itself to be the only lasting solution to help with your foreclosure situation. You’ve seen all of the class action law suit firms and loan modification specialist firms disappear, but Bankruptcy Law Professionals is still helping people with their foreclosures every single day.

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