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Government Foreclosure Assistance Programs: HAFA, HAMP, HARP, MHA

There is a lot of news about extension of the government programs that are designed to help home owners keep out of foreclosure. HAFA, HARP, HAMP, Making Home Affordable or MHA… There are several acronyms for these programs today. Many banks are using these programs just to get more information out of you and to try to foreclose on you. If you have a foreclosure trustee sale date coming up, none of these programs will automatically and lawfully block that foreclosure when you initially apply for them. Banks will need time and resources to process your applications. Many clients we talk to say they have applied for one or more of these programs to try and save their home, but banks may not stop your foreclosure process even if you have an application in for one of these programs. If your bank is telling you that they are “trying to see what they can do to postpone your sale date”, you may be walking into a time-bomb that will result in your home being sold at auction. We help several clients every day that need to postpone their sale date and take care of all of their debts through bankruptcy. A bankruptcy can postpone your sale date so you can have more time to see if these government programs will work for you. Bankruptcy protection may get you several more months in your home to see what your options are with the government programs. It will also cure all the excess debt you have incurred while trying to save your home.

So, don’t deplete your life savings just to save your home. You can utilize bankruptcy to help you avoid jeopardy in your life. Contact us to make an appointment at 855 257-7671 or 855 BK-PROS1. We have offices in La Mirada, Tustin and Riverside to serve you. Whether you are in Orange County, the Inland Empire or anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, we can help you.

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