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Updates on Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

In 2012, we have already helped multiple clients with foreclosure issues and take care of all other debts they are dealing with. Whether you need more time in your home before your trustee sale or whether you want to try to keep your home for the long-term, Bankruptcy Law Professionals has a solution for you. Many banks are now surprising people with foreclosure trustee sale notices that were not properly served resulting in very little time for people to prepare for the auction sale of their home. Even with the tightest timelines to work with, we can stop the foreclosure sale of your home. Although we would not suggest to wait until the last minute of your trustee sale, we have stopped trustee sales (bank auctions) of homes on the morning of the date of the property sale. So, check with us even if others have told you that it might be too late for you to do anything.

A foreclosure is a difficult situation to manage without getting the best assistance out there. We set ourselves apart with excellent, personal customer service. You will be hand-held through any engagements with us from the very start of your free consultation. Give us a call and you will realize our potential to help you on your first call with us. We offer free in-person or phone consultations at any of our locations. We have offices to serve you in Tustin, La Mirada and Riverside.

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