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Update on Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys

In this competitive environment for Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys, Bankruptcy Law Professionals has seen competitors come and go. There are always new law firms in Orange County, looking to see if they can enter the bankruptcy market. We have seen many companies come up with similar business names like California Bankruptcy Professionals or Bankruptcy Attorney Pros, but no other bankruptcy law firm can match our high quality customer service and outstanding local experience. Below is updated information on what to look for when searching for a bankruptcy attorney in Orange County:

1. Look for Longevity and Experience.
In Orange County, all bankruptcies are processed at the Santa Ana bankruptcy court. The trustees and judges of this bankruptcy court tend to familiarize themselves with the law firms that represent many clients over and over through the same bankruptcy system. After years and years of experience, a law firm can learn the likes and dislikes of the bankruptcy trustees and bankruptcy judges. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has extensive experience with all the judges and trustees in the Santa Ana bankruptcy court system. They system knows us well. They know what to expect out of our paperwork and they are familiar with our processes. They know our attorneys are our business by name. This is helpful for all of our clients because, as a client of BLP, the judges and trustees know exactly how we prepare our petitions and will reduce issues and investigation from the court system.

2. You can find a low priced bankruptcy attorney in Orange County, but watch out for teaser rates and “bait and switch”!
To find the best value for your money, find a bankruptcy law office in Orange County with reasonable prices. There are still some bankruptcy law firms in the local area who charge $3000 to $4000 for a Chapter 7. Keep in mind that a larger company does not always mean better service. In fact, sometimes, large companies are inherently worse in service because they are not as personalized as a medium to small sized company. Bankruptcy Law Professionals is a leader and innovator in pricing. We charge less than half of what some of our competitors charge and we do not add costs along the way. Teaser rates and those that start with $100 or $200, but still charge much more than they should for bankruptcy filings for a total cost. Don’t get fooled by low “starter” rates. It’s very similar to a “bait and switch” model which can start with $795, but by the time you are ready to get started, the service agreement or retainer agreement has amounts up to $2000. At Bankruptcy Law Professionals, when we advertise $795 attorney fees in Orange County, we mean $795!

3. Find a law office with good support staff!
If you are signing up with a one man firm with no support or with an attorney who uses an answering service to take his calls, make sure you know that the attorney will be available to answer your questions when needed. Bankruptcy Law Professionals can provide direct communication with our attorneys and also provide you with customer support managers that can also assist with communication. It is important for you to communicate with your attorney, but a one man show can only handle so much. So, be careful that you are not signing up with someone who is drowning in paperwork.

Some Other Interesting Tips:
– Check out the website of the firm you are looking into. If there is no attorney name on the website that can put his license out there for the firm, it is very likely that the website you are looking at is a lawyer directory that just outsources all its leads to different attorneys. This is not beneficial because you the company does not have a reputation of attorney to stand behind.
– Contact the firm and ask if you are talking to an answering service. If so, you most likely cannot expect personalized service from a firm that outsources phone calls.
– Ask for referrals. If you know anyone who has been through a bankruptcy, see if they know someone you can work with. See if they have heard of Bankruptcy Law Professionals of Orange County!

You can schedule a consultation with Bankruptcy Law Professionals at our Orange County or Riverside locations by calling (855) 257-7671. We look forward to talking with you!

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