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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take in Orange County Bankruptcy Court?

Orange County bankruptcy court is located in Santa Ana, CA. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has been working with the Santa Ana bankruptcy court system since inception. We have a close ear to the pace and workflow of the bankruptcy court in Orange County and have found that, on average, bankruptcies are being processed in about 3 months in Orange County. About two years ago, bankruptcies in OC were taking about 6 months to process which then sped up to about 4 months on average in the year after. Currently, the average is around 3 months, but we have seen files go through as fast as 2 months and as late as 4 months. The majority of files get processed by the courts in about 3 months in Santa Ana bankruptcy court.

Most of the time it takes for a bankruptcy to process is court processing time. After a petition is filed, you will normally need to attend a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee about a month after the petition is filed. This trustee meeting is automatically scheduled by the court system. You don’t get to choose when the meeting is scheduled, and the meeting is required for all petition filers to attend. So, if you file jointly as a married couple, both of you need to be at the trustee meeting. The following 2 months after the bankruptcy trustee meeting is mostly waiting for the Santa Ana bankruptcy court to process your paperwork. You should not have much to do in the final two months.

You are under bankruptcy protection throughout the whole time that your bankruptcy is being processed, from the day that you file until the day the file is closed. No collections activities can proceed through the whole process. So, if by chance it takes 4 months for your bankruptcy to be processed and not 3 months as expected, you will still have bankruptcy protection for the whole 4 month period.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has untarnished work history in both Riverside bankruptcy court and Santa Ana bankruptcy court. We know how the system works and will guide you through the whole process from start to finish at a low price. If you are interested in more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 855 257-7671.

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