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When Can You File Bankruptcy Again After You Have Filed in the Past?

Bankruptcy has a fixed schedule of events after your bankruptcy has been filed and discharged in the past. Many who have a bankruptcy filing in their past may be looking to file bankruptcy again after this historic recession we are continuing to recover from. There was a large number of filings in 2005 when the economy was strong. A change in the bankruptcy guidelines spurred many to get their bankruptcy filed as soon as possible in 2005 resulting in a huge spike in bankruptcy filings. Since then, we have been through a deep economic retraction that may have put people in a difficult financial situation once again. Many families out there are in need of bankruptcy relief and need to know the answer to this question:
After you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, how soon can you file again?

If you filed a Chapter 7 in the past and were discharged, you can file a Chapter 7 again after 8 years from the date of filing your last bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 can be filed 4 years after your Chapter 7 discharge. So, if you filed a Chapter 7 in January of 2005, you can file a Chapter 7 again in January of 2013 to discharge debt. It is your right to file for bankruptcy after 8 years from your last filing date. This time around, make sure you are working with a law firm that knows all the new rules and guidelines, and can also provide you with the best value you can get for your hard earned money.

Bankruptcy code may have changed slightly since the last time you filed. Working with a firm that is familiar with the latest changes and newest rules for bankruptcy can impact your whole situation. Choosing the right law firm, as you may already know, can make a world of difference. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has extensive and current experience in the Riverside bankruptcy court system and the Orange County bankruptcy court system to help you.

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