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A Good Bankruptcy Book

There is a highly rated bankruptcy book called “The New Bankruptcy: Will It Work For You?” written by Stephen Elias and published by Nolo. Stephen Elias is an attorney who breaks down details of how bankruptcy works since the major changes that were made in 2005. Nolo is a publishing company focused on legal material from reference books to legal guides for consumers. The book has great reviews on, but we wanted to make sure that people are not under the wrong impression about what a good book can do for you.

If you read a bankruptcy book, it may tell you how some things work and may have some good information for you, but it is not likely to have very specific advice for your particular situation. A one hour bankruptcy consultation with Bankruptcy Law Professionals will quickly dive deep into the details of your situation and also explain how the whole process works. The best part about our consultations is that it is free. You can learn a lot about bankruptcy from literature. You can learn about all of the changes in the rules that were made in 2005, but how do all the changes apply to you? The book from Stephen Elias details the changes and new rules in bankruptcy from 2005. How have these changes affected the bankruptcy process in your district? Any new policies or guidelines are always exposed to environmental aspects over the years. The affect of new guidelines in the bankruptcy process will change as the courts and attorneys get accustomed to the new rules.

For example, credit counseling was an added requirement in 2005. Credit counseling for bankruptcy began as a classroom setting type of exercise, adding to the effort necessary to complete a bankruptcy. The credit counseling was designed to educate bankruptcy filers so that they would not need to use bankruptcy again in the future. It was a costly addition and credit counseling companies were making money setting people up with expensive credit counseling services. Today, there are very inexpensive sources that provide credit counseling over the internet, making the process more convenient for bankruptcy filers. This is just one example of how technology change the way the new rules impacted people’s ability to complete a bankruptcy.

The best way to know how all of the rules and guidelines will affect you is to sit down with one of our Orange County or Riverside bankruptcy attorneys and talk about your situation. You can have the whole process explained to you over a consultation instead of reading a book over several weeks.

If you would like a free consultation with Bankruptcy Law Professionals, you can contact us at 855 257-7671.

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