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Many Americans Too Broke to File for Bankruptcy

Here’s an article that describes average costs for bankruptcy filing and why many Americans are having a difficult time coming up with the funds to file for bankruptcy:

It states that, on a nationwide average, attorneys are charging $1500 and court filing fees add an additional $300 along with $85 for credit counseling sessions. Bankruptcy Law Professionals provides the same exact services with high quality attorneys for nearly half that amount. The article warns about using non-attorney resources like document preparers and paralegals. If you are dealing with sensitive financial issues that will influence your family’s life and living situation, you need an attorney to give you insights on the bankruptcy process and help you get your petition filed properly so that it does not get dismissed. If you are interested in bankruptcy due to a foreclosure or real estate issues, these type of issues may require a bankruptcy attorney with extensive experience with the problems you are facing for you to get the best results possible. For example, Bankruptcy Law Professionals has many clients with real estate issues calling us from the Riverside area. We are local to the area and we know about the real estate market there. We have extensive experience with matters in real estate and know how the bankruptcy trustees will react to different real estate related situations in Riverside.

A free consultation is the best step for you to find out exactly how much a bankruptcy may cost for your situation. Find out all the details about what each step of bankruptcy entails and find out about all the costs you need to consider when filing for bankruptcy. When you walk out of the free consultation, you will know all the steps of the process and you will know about every cent you need to pay for the whole process.

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