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The Best Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer is Bankruptcy Law Professionals!

Who really is the best Riverside bankruptcy lawyer? Riverside and San Bernardino counties are in the top 5 counties with the most filings nationwide. Everyone wants to search for the best bankruptcy attorney they can find. People look at how many reviews firms have online. They look for referrals from friends who have used these attorneys. They also can go to magazines or craigslist for advertisements. Here are some insights on how to find a good law firm to work with:

Although Bankruptcy Law Pros has excellent online reviews, we do not encourage you to depend on reviews to help you decide who to call. Here’s the reason why… Many on-line reviews are essentially FAKE! If you own a small business, how long would it take you to convince one of your buddies to write you a review? We, at BLP, do not encourage people to write reviews through give-aways or prize drawings to see who can write a good review, but there are many companies who do practice this. When you are reading reviews, make sure you check to see if they are authentic reviews. Do all the reviews look very similar in content? Is there anything specific in most of those reviews that help verify the validity of the review? Is there any way to identify the reviewer as a real person? Is there a profile behind the review that you can look at? Can you send that person an email to ask some questions about the experience? If any of these questions can be answered with “NO”, then you can’t depend on these reviews to help with your decision.

Do you really “get what you pay for” with bankruptcy attorneys in Riverside? If you can save $1000 or more at one law firm, does that mean that you will be getting $1000 less in services? Absolutely NOT. If you have a simple Chapter 7 with 1 credit card, would you pay the same price as someone who has 15 credit cards and a house going into foreclosure? You would probably deserve a cheaper price because you might not take as much work as someone with 15 creditors. Expensive bankruptcy attorneys are going to give themselves the benefit of the doubt. They will charge $2000 or more just in case someone comes in with 15 creditors and a foreclosure to deal with. Bankruptcy Law Professionals gives our clients the benefit of the doubt. We will charge a low flat fee, but if you happen to have a difficult situation to deal with, you still get the low flat fee. The fact is, attorneys are not always at their maximum service levels with each client. So, why do they continue to charge maximum prices? We don’t know. In this recessionary period, we would like to give you what seemingly no one else in Riverside can… maximum service at minimum prices… because, if we don’t, we’d be just like everyone else. We are a GAMECHANGER!

A phone call is the best way to ask questions and learn about a firm. Don’t use the same questions everyone else is asking. Ask some personal questions. Get in-depth about what you want to know. Don’t let them brush off any questions. Make sure you are speaking to a leader at the company you are calling, not just a receptionist. If the leader is also the receptionist, there’s a red flag. If the attorney isn’t with a client when you call, then he/she may not be that busy. If they aren’t that busy and they are a very good attorney, then they may get very busy later on. So, if he/she does get very busy later on, how is this guy going to work on your file, answer phones and also answer new client calls??? You might think that he/she could just move to a bigger office and hire a receptionist. Well, your file could miss a deadline by the time they do that. Be careful out there. Ask multiple questions. Ask for a follow up phone call and see if they can do that. There’s lots of ways to verify a service by phone call. We would love to be a part of it.

If you live in Riverside or San Bernardino counties, contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals. We are continuing to be game-changers in the industry and we are looking forward to working with you. Call us at 855 257-7671 to book an appointment or ask us some questions!

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