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We Are a Bankruptcy Law Firm, Not a Legal Referral Service!

Bankruptcy Law Professionals is a Bankruptcy Law Firm!

Many ads that you see on the internet these days are legal referral services or websites that refer leads to attorneys. Beware of this type of service. The referral service may only be providing your information to other attorneys which are not a part of their company. They may not know the true reputations of the firms that they are referring you to. They may just be in it to collect a fee for a lead that they are providing to the law firms on their website.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has in-house attorneys for you to work with. We are a real law firm with attorneys and staff. We have long-standing work experience as a bankruptcy law firm. We have excellent local experience in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire regions (Offices in Orange County and Riverside). We have an excellent reputation. We do not use paralegals to prepare your documents and send you on your way. We provide an attorney guided service and will have an attorney meet you and attend your court meetings with you, all as a part of our standard service. Customer service is the key to our success and the reason that we are 100% successful with our filings (when our clients follow our directions).

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