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Bankruptcy by Phone!

If you are unable to come to our offices in person to start your bankruptcy, we can handle everything for you by phone, fax, mail, and/or email with our Bankruptcy by Phone service.

Today we had a client file her petition with us who wanted to handle everything by mail, fax and email. She called us from Murrieta and decided she would like to save some time by not having to drive to our offices. All of her correspondence with us is by mail or email and supported with heavy phone support. She sometimes even calls us on weekend to get help with filling out some of the documentation we need for her bankruptcy petition, and we do provide the support she needs along with our personal contact information.

We have also helped a client in El Monte with medical issues that restrict his mobility. Although we have never met him in person, he is confident with our services because we are always there to help him by phone and everyone on staff is familiar with his name and situation. He does not hesitate to put all of his trust in us when it comes to his legal issues.

If you are anywhere in Southern California, don’t hesitate to call Bankruptcy Law Pros to help with your bankruptcy petition. Even if you do not have transportation to get to our offices, call us to find out what we can do to work with you at your home or by using mail, fax, email, scans. We can handle both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings for your home or your business.

Contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals today. Our flexibility in working with our clients is unmatched in our industry. No one provides personalized service like we do. We are a phone call away 855-257-7671. You are also welcomed to visit our offices in Orange County and Riverside at anytime.

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