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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take in Riverside Bankruptcy Court?

In Riverside County and all of the Inland Empire, bankruptcy takes about 3 months to get through the whole process in Riverside Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy in Riverside County basically works the same as bankruptcy in San Bernardino County because both counties hold all of their bankruptcy proceedings in the Riverside bankruptcy court house located in downtown Riverside. Today, we will explore further detail on what takes place during the 3 months while your bankruptcy is proceeding.

From the day your petition is filed in the Riverside bankruptcy court until your bankruptcy reaches discharge is about 3 months in estimated time. Your bankruptcy file will be closed by the court system a few days after the bankruptcy reaches discharge. At that point, your bankruptcy is technically over. Bankruptcy from point of filing to the end is around 3 months in the court system, excluding the time it takes to prepare your petition.

When your petition is filed in court, you will immediately receive an automatically scheduled date for a bankruptcy trustee meeting held at the Riverside bankruptcy court house. Your Riverside bankruptcy trustee meeting will require your attendance. It is the only time you are required to go to the Riverside bankruptcy court through your bankruptcy. The day and time of the appointment is scheduled automatically, meaning the Riverside bankruptcy court system will not take any requests on what day and time your appointment will be. It will just be scheduled about a month after your petition is filed.

Approximately 2 months after your bankruptcy trustee meeting, your bankruptcy petition will reach discharge and then the file will be closed within days after the discharge. In that two month period after your trustee meeting, if everything went well at the meeting, you can expect very little interaction with the Riverside bankruptcy court. The time after the bankruptcy trustee meeting is just time for the bankruptcy court to process your paperwork. So, it depends on how many people are working at the court and how long it actually takes to get through the system.

Keep in mind that the amount of time it takes for your bankruptcy file to process is not a hard scheduled amount of time. A year ago, it used to take about 4 months for the bankruptcy process to complete. Two years ago, it used to take about 6 months. Our extensive experience and high volume of filings in the Riverside bankruptcy court system allows us to take average statistical data to find the average bankruptcy time of 3 months. There are still some outliers once in a while where we will see bankruptcy files closed within 2 months or even take as long as 4 months. Very few of them diverge from a 3 month processing period, but we still see it happen once in a while.

To find out more information on the bankruptcy process, please contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals at (855) 257-7671. We have bankruptcy attorneys in Riverside and in Orange County. We look forward to working with you.

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