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Bankruptcy and Divorce

Our long history of work as a bankruptcy law firm in Riverside and Orange County has brought us clients in many different situations. Divorced clients or clients currently going through a divorce is a situation that we have seen several times from both our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys and our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys. Sometimes, financial issues and the welfare of a marriage go hand in hand. It is not uncommon for us to meet with a recently separated individual who is currently going through a divorce and looking for advice on how to handle debt previous to the divorce. There are usually two typical situations. One is when a person doesn’t care about the spouse or ex-spouse and the other is when a person wants to work together with their spouse or ex-spouse to resolve the debt issues together.

If you are not cordial or not communicating with your spouse while going through divorce, you can file as an individual and leave your spouse out of your bankruptcy. A bankruptcy does not require both people in a marriage to file together if they are still married. You can do everything on your own and we will provide you with the guidance to do so. Your debt liability will be discharged at the end of the bankruptcy. If you had joint accounts with your spouse, your liability is eliminated, but the creditor can pursue your spouse for the whole liability. They just won’t be able to collect from you anymore. Your individual debts will also be discharged in the bankruptcy.

If you are cooperating with your spouse through the divorce to resolve debt issues, you can still file bankruptcy together while you are going through the divorce proceedings. This may save you money by keeping your attorney fees lower as you file together instead of doing two separate filings. Bankruptcy Law Professionals will only charge a small additional fee to add a spouse to a bankruptcy petition. When you file together, both you and your spouse will be discharged from your debt. All joint accounts will be discharged along with individual accounts.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has a wealth of experience in dealing with bankruptcy in divorce situations in both Riverside / Inland Empire and Orange County bankruptcy court systems. Our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys have helped many customers in discharging debt to allow for a better future. Our success rates in Riverside are duplicated in Orange County where we have also helped thousands of people with successful bankruptcy filings. If you are ready to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about bankruptcy, please feel free to contact us at 855 257-7671.

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