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Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

If you have ever considered filing for bankruptcy with the help of a bankruptcy petition preparer or document preparation service as an alternative to working with a bankruptcy attorney, there are some major factors to consider. Bankruptcy Law Professionals is a full service law firm. When you work with us, you meet with an attorney and you have an attorney available throughout the process.

A bankruptcy petition preparer is not legally allowed to provide any legal advice to any clients. Keep in mind that the bankruptcy process has several steps and needs to be managed for several months. You WILL need assistance through the process that a document preparation service will not provide. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Who will help you manage the Meeting of Creditors which is required to attend?
2. How will you know what to expect during the bankruptcy process?
3. If the trustee asks for supporting documents, who will help you clarify exactly what they are looking for?
4. If one of your creditors files a motion in your bankruptcy, how will you know how to respond?
5. Who will you call if you have additional questions after your bankruptcy petition is prepared and filed?

If you have already filed with a bankruptcy petition preparer, do not fear. We have a solution for you. We can help you substitute our firm to represent you as a client of ours. You will not be required to refile or pay another filing fee. We can simply adjust your filing so that we can represent you through the rest of the bankruptcy process.

If you have not yet filed for bankruptcy and you have been considering working with a document preparation service, take some time to make sure this decision is the right one for you. Document preparers do not have any consequence to preparing bad documents that can put you into more trouble than you are already involved in. It may just create more headaches and problems. Our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys and Orange County bankruptcy attorneys have licenses at risk and their whole careers at risk. We know how to get the bankruptcy process completed and we know how to minimize complications and problems right from the start. We are able to give legal advice throughout the bankruptcy process.

You can call Bankruptcy Law Professionals at 855 257-7671 to schedule an appointment with our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys or Orange County bankruptcy attorneys.

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