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Bankruptcy Law Professionals on Yahoo! News

Here is our recent press release available on Yahoo! News:

Bankruptcy Law Professionals Helps Clients with Low Cost Bankruptcy Services
PRWeb – Thu, Jun 7, 2012
Slow economic recovery for consumers has prompted Bankruptcy Law Professionals to cut their bankruptcy service price to start at $795 for those in need of affordable bankruptcy legal services at all of their locations in Riverside and Orange County.

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) June 07, 2012
Bankruptcy Law Professionals, a law firm based in Tustin, CA, with offices in Tustin, Riverside, and La Mirada, is helping Southern California residents with low priced bankruptcy services throughout Southern California. In November of 2011, the firm decided to lower their flat fee bankruptcy price to $795, a usually unheard of price point for established attorney driven bankruptcy services.

“From 2007 through 2011, we helped many individuals, families, and businesses with bankruptcy services, but still found that many people in our community just don’t have the funds to spend on the traditional price of a bankruptcy attorney. They are really trapped in an endless cycle,” said Brian Soo-Hoo, Managing Attorney and owner of Bankruptcy Law Professionals. “We felt a real need to give back to the community as our business grew, and we want to help people who need help the most. We decided that lower pricing would be one of our main focuses. As our firm grew, we thought about cost cutting efforts that would allow us to become an affordable solution for people who are troubled with debt they can’t afford without changing the quality of our service. Today, we are proud to be providing bankruptcy services at $795.”

The overarching mission of Bankruptcy Law Professionals is to provide a low cost bankruptcy solution with honesty and integrity without compromise to high customer service standards. When competing with other firms in their market who may charge more than double than Bankruptcy Law Professionals’ fees, a common question arises. How do they do it for so much less? The answer is fairly simple; they work twice as hard for their clients. It is a business model that is hard to compare these days while most consumers are accustomed to automated customer service hotlines and gigantic call center operations. Bankruptcy Law Professionals is committed to personal service, only a phone call away.
“We can no longer sit by our phones and turn people down who can’t afford the normal market price for bankruptcy. Now, we have a low cost option to offer,” said Wayne Lim, Director of Marketing and Operations at BLP. “We are happy to provide this service and we are looking to change consumer expectations on the high cost of legal help. Legal services, especially bankruptcy, need to be affordable to be effective solutions. We see ourselves as a game changer in what people expect out of a law firm.” Lim’s vision includes keeping up with technology to make bankruptcy filing easier to handle for a new generation of clients who are technically savvy and interested in all the tools to make the bankruptcy experience easy to manage, maximizing the use of online media, chats, email, text messaging, to any level that a client is comfortable using. For those who do not live nearby a Bankruptcy Law Professionals office location, BLP created Bankruptcy By Phone ( where everything can be managed remotely.

Although the firm strives for non-conventional pricing, there are some consistencies that you can count on. The court filing fees for each bankruptcy filing will still apply since the federal court determines the filing fees. A chapter 7 filing fee is currently $306 which all bankruptcy filings represented by law firms will need to pay. Bankruptcy Law Pro’s $795 flat fee pricing helps make that cost a bit easier to swallow.
To learn more about the company and its services, you can call toll free to (855) 257-7671 or visit them online at

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