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How to Postpone or Stop Foreclosure

In the recent months, foreclosure postponement or foreclosure cancellation has seen a dramatic increase. California foreclosure cancellations were up 62.1 percent from September to October, and 36.7 percent compared to last year in September. There is speculation that this spike is due to banks committing to prevention of dual tracking of homes that are both Continue Reading

How Much Time Do You Need to Stop a Foreclosure Sale with Bankruptcy?

Although we are seeing news about economic recovery and rising home sales, foreclosure is still a major issue in today’s environment. Banks are continuing to move forward with foreclosures and scheduling them at their own pace. Planning your life around a foreclosure sale involves learning what to expect from the foreclosure process. If you are Continue Reading

What You Should Know About HARP 2.0

Here’s some interesting information on the government mortgage assistance program called HARP 2.0. HARP2 or HARP 2.0 is the same program as HARP. It was just extended until December of 2013 and there are some changes to the program. HARP assistance is only available to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loans. Fannie Mae and Freddie Continue Reading

How Soon Can We Stop Your Foreclosure Sale?

We have stopped foreclosure sales or trustee auctions on the same day that a client calls us. On many occasions, Bankruptcy Law Professionals has stopped foreclosure sales immediately after a client calls us. In this situation, usually a client has a foreclosure sale that needs to be stopped on the same day that they call Continue Reading

Price of Bankruptcy

In the time that Bankruptcy Law Professionals and our staff has been handling bankruptcy files, we have always maintained a low price compared to the market out there today. Price is important, but don’t let bankruptcy attorneys fool you. You don’t always get what you pay for in the legal field. Some attorneys will price Continue Reading

Lender Litigation and Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy may allow you the time you need to enter into Lender Litigation with your mortgage company. Many home owners with distressed home loans have heard the term Lender Litigation and ak us how it would work along with your bankruptcy. If you file for bankruptcy and also intend to sue your lender due Continue Reading

Updates on Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

In 2012, we have already helped multiple clients with foreclosure issues and take care of all other debts they are dealing with. Whether you need more time in your home before your trustee sale or whether you want to try to keep your home for the long-term, Bankruptcy Law Professionals has a solution for you. Continue Reading

Foreclosure Sale and Bankruptcy

A foreclosure can be devastating to your and your family if you don’t have control of the situation and do not know what to expect from it. One thing that bankruptcy can do for you is to help you control the foreclosure situation. In a foreclosure situation, a bank may schedule a sale date for Continue Reading

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection Can Postpone Foreclosure

This week, we have already helped several clients postpone their foreclosure proceedings with Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy protection is a proven solution to postpone foreclosures. If you have an upcoming sale date, a Chapter 7 may be the best solution to postpone the trustee sale to a later date. When you are not ready Continue Reading

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