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Can You Short Sale Your Property If You File Bankruptcy?

A short sale is a real estate negotiation between the home owner and the mortgage bank. Your real estate agent should be one that has had some experience with short sale negotiation with a mortgage bank. With the proper guidance from a short sale specialist real estate agent, you may be able to sell a Continue Reading

Surge of Foreclosures Coming Soon

There is major speculation out there today indicating that a large surge in foreclosures is coming soon. Our research shows that banks are definitely ready to tackle the foreclosure potentials and get them off the books. Below is an article from CNN Money explaining the whole situation. You can read it for yourself at the Continue Reading

What is the difference between a HELOC and Purchase Money 2nd Loan?

Today we would like to help explain the difference between a HELOC and a purchase money 2nd loan as it related to bankruptcy. A HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit, is a line of credit, similar to a credit card, that was given to you through the equity you have (or had in the Continue Reading

Short Sale Update

There is enough evidence in the current real estate market to prove that banks are now more comfortable with short sale negotiations with underwater home loans. It is important to note that this does not mean they will stop your foreclosure sale under any conditions. Usually, a bank or mortgage company will need a sufficient Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Short Sales

It’s been awhile since we’ve added a new post. We have been extremely busy helping people recover from their financial situations. Our calendars were swamped and we have some very happy clients that we are working with today. Although we’ve been busy, we have plenty of room to help more people. Today, we would like Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a very difficult process to go through especially if the home you are in is a place where you have many memories with your family. When you need more time in your home to prepare to make a change and let your home go, Bankruptcy Law Professionals can help you get that extra Continue Reading

Free Bankruptcy Consultation Before You File

Many clients often wonder if the free bankruptcy consultations are really free. When we offer a free bankruptcy consultation, we really mean FREE. Come in to sit down with us whether you are planning on filing now or at a later date. You need to know all of your rights in a bankruptcy and how Continue Reading

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