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Can You Rent an Apartment or House with a Bankruptcy?

How does a bankruptcy on your credit report impact your chances of renting a home? Income is the number one factor in securing a place to rent. It is just one part of your financial profile that a landlord or property manager would want to know about. A credit score and credit report is also Continue Reading

Free Bankruptcy Consultations with Bankruptcy Law Professionals

Free bankruptcy consultations are a long standing standard at Bankruptcy Law Professionals. All clients have specific and intricate details about their financial situation. During a free consultation with Bankruptcy Law Pros, you will meet in-person with our attorney and learn what you need to know about the bankruptcy process and how it will impact your Continue Reading

Free Bankruptcy Consultation Before You File

Many clients often wonder if the free bankruptcy consultations are really free. When we offer a free bankruptcy consultation, we really mean FREE. Come in to sit down with us whether you are planning on filing now or at a later date. You need to know all of your rights in a bankruptcy and how Continue Reading

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