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Chapter 7 Requirements

When considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may wonder what information you need to provide to get a Chapter 7 filed. Maybe you haven’t kept good files or records of your finances. You might imagine that the required paperwork could be too much for you to handle. The surprising fact is that the Chapter 7 Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Law Professionals Video

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has released this new video for your enjoyment. We hope the video captures our general message in a clear and concise manner. To recap some of the key messages in the video… 1. Debt can be an everyday drag on your life. It hovers over you until you deal with it. Even Continue Reading

Did You Know These Surprising Facts About Bankruptcy?

The more you learn about bankruptcy, the better you can judge if it is the correct solution for you and your future. Bankruptcy is generally perceived as a negative activity in someone’s life which must be avoided at all costs. It is less likely to be seen as a helpful solution to debt problems. Some Continue Reading

How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Use Chapter 7 To Stop Foreclosure

Below is a presentation that describes the process of how Bankruptcy Law Professionals can utilize Chapter 7 bankruptcy as your bankruptcy lawyer to stop a foreclosure sale. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate your unsecured debts and will also halt all collections activities. A foreclosure is considered a collection activity by the bank, lender, or Continue Reading

A Closer Look At Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also sometimes known as “liquidation” bankruptcy. Most or all of your debts are cancelled and your non-exempt property is sold, or liquidated, to satisfy some of the debt you owe to creditors. Many people who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy do keep all of their property but it can be completely dependent Continue Reading

Why Is It Important To Manage Debt While You Can?

This article from Market Watch describes 62% of Americans as unable to handle emergency financial situations: Market Watch: Most Americans Are One Paycheck Away From The Street You can prevent yourself from this situation by managing your debt today. Don’t wait until you are in an emergency situation before you manage your debt. If you Continue Reading

You Can Qualify for Bankruptcy While Receiving Unemployment

Receiving unemployment benefits or any other income does not automatically disqualify you from filing bankruptcy. A bankruptcy is designed to help you keep your assets and income if your income is not enough to cover your debt payments. Collections companies can intercept income if you are employed by filing a case against you in court Continue Reading

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Filing Fees Raised on June 1st, 2014

Beginning on June 1st, 2014, filing fees for bankruptcies will be raised. Here are the new and the previous rates: Chapter 7 bankruptcy: $335 (up from $ 306) Chapter 13 bankruptcy: $310 (up from $281) Chapter 12 bankruptcy: $275 (up from $246) This increase may not seem to be a large increase, but if you Continue Reading

Does Bankruptcy Mean Death to Your Credit? The Answer is NO!

We have a general public perception of bankruptcy as a negative impact on your life and although it is true that a bankruptcy is not a favorable mark on your credit, bankruptcy should actually be perceived as a solution rather than the problem.  Bankruptcy exists to help difficult financial situations.  Your debt, collections, wage garnishments, Continue Reading

Too Much Cash for Bankruptcy? Think Again.

Is Your Cash In Danger If You File for Bankruptcy? Do you think you have too much cash on hand or in your checking/savings account to file for bankruptcy? Most people have no idea that there are many types of exemptions in bankruptcy. Exemptions are allowances for you to keep assets out of the bankruptcy. Continue Reading

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