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Unemployment – How Soon Can You File Bankruptcy After You Lose Your Job?

An unexpected event such as unemployment is never easy to manage if you don’t have financial reserves to depend on. Even if you do have financial reserves, it is difficult to plan a future around an unemployed situation. Unemployment can occur unexpectedly through a layoff or by getting fired from your job. When this happens Continue Reading

You Can Qualify for Bankruptcy While Receiving Unemployment

Receiving unemployment benefits or any other income does not automatically disqualify you from filing bankruptcy. A bankruptcy is designed to help you keep your assets and income if your income is not enough to cover your debt payments. Collections companies can intercept income if you are employed by filing a case against you in court Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Unemployment

If you are currently unemployed or have been unemployed for a long period of time and have recently found employment, bankruptcy may still be a good solution for you. During a period of unemployment, some people will use their savings or retirement funds to pay bills and try to keep up with expenses. If your Continue Reading

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