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Tag Archives: Chapter 13

Gymboree Declares Bankruptcy

Gymboree, the well-known children’s apparel store, has filed for bankruptcy on 6/11/2017. The bankruptcy filing is Gymboree’s strategic move to restructure their debt. Gymboree plans to continue to operate the business as it restructures. There are a few lessons to learn about debt and how to manage overwhelming debt when large companies file for bankruptcy. Continue Reading

The Worst Bankruptcy Advice We’ve Ever Heard

We are experts at providing bankruptcy advice, but we’ve also heard our fair share of advice that has been given to people from other sources. Here’s a collection of them for your amusement. Bad Bankruptcy Advice 1. Bankruptcy will ruin your credit Filing a bankruptcy does impact your credit score, but, if you are looking Continue Reading

Business Bankruptcy

Can You Discharge Debt from Your Business with a Business Bankruptcy? Business owners take on a lot of risk to make their businesses work. Many entrepreneurs take on debt to launch their businesses. There are many different types of debt you can use to start a business. Some investors will invest in an opportunity with Continue Reading

Did You Know These Surprising Facts About Bankruptcy?

The more you learn about bankruptcy, the better you can judge if it is the correct solution for you and your future. Bankruptcy is generally perceived as a negative activity in someone’s life which must be avoided at all costs. It is less likely to be seen as a helpful solution to debt problems. Some Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Attorney Can Use Chapter 13 To Resolve Foreclosure

The presentation below breaks down how a Chapter 13 can be utilized to immediately stop a foreclosure and reorganize your situation. When you are facing foreclosure, the process seems to be out of your control. Dates are set and you have nothing to do with the dates that have been set for your home to Continue Reading

Life After Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know and What To Expect

Filing a bankruptcy is a huge decision to make. When you think about bankruptcy, you are inclined to think about what your life after bankruptcy will be like. Will you be living in shame? Will you ever be able to buy a home or a car again? If so, when can you live a normal Continue Reading

A Closer Look At Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as reorganization bankruptcy. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can possibly keep all of your property, but you also will have to repay all of the debt you owe, or at least most of it, over the course of up to five years. Some of the debt that must be Continue Reading

Unemployment – How Soon Can You File Bankruptcy After You Lose Your Job?

An unexpected event such as unemployment is never easy to manage if you don’t have financial reserves to depend on. Even if you do have financial reserves, it is difficult to plan a future around an unemployed situation. Unemployment can occur unexpectedly through a layoff or by getting fired from your job. When this happens Continue Reading

Eliminating Debt in Retirement

Are you retired or considering retiring soon? If debt is a major issue that is keeping you from enjoying retirement or preventing you from retiring, consider a bankruptcy to help relieve you of your debt to help you achieve your retirement goals. A bankruptcy can eliminate several types of consumer debts including credit card debt, Continue Reading

Article: What One Woman Learned Declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Here’s a great article about a woman who used Chapter 7 bankruptcy to put her finances back on track for the long term future. It is a learning experience that can teach many lessons to those who are in a similar situation. Check out the link below about a brave woman who was dealing with Continue Reading

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