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Tag Archives: wage garnishment

Article: What One Woman Learned Declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Here’s a great article about a woman who used Chapter 7 bankruptcy to put her finances back on track for the long term future. It is a learning experience that can teach many lessons to those who are in a similar situation. Check out the link below about a brave woman who was dealing with Continue Reading

How to Stop A Wage Garnishment

As the economy continues to rebound, there are many positive changes in the economic environment. More jobs means more income for those who have had a hard time finding employment through the recession. More income is usually a very positive change in your life unless your creditors intercept your earnings through a wage garnishment. While Continue Reading

Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed to Contact You Once You File Bankruptcy

A debt collector is not allowed to contact you when you file for bankruptcy. Before your petition is filed, if you let them know that you have retained Bankruptcy Law Professionals for bankruptcy, it is already illegal for them to contact you. Once they have knowledge that you have retained our law office for bankruptcy Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Income

Bankruptcy will protect your income so that your wages will not be garnished and bank accounts will not be levied. When you are under bankruptcy protection, bank levies, wage garnishments, and any other collections activities will be halted. You will have your income protected while your paperwork is being processed in court. In financially challenging Continue Reading

When Should You File For Bankruptcy?

Are you concerned about when the best time to file for bankruptcy will be? If you have realized that your debt has grown to an unmanageable amount and you are starting to see your resources depleting your savings, retirement money, and income, now is a good time to file. Your savings, retirement money and income Continue Reading

Bankruptcy for Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can be detrimental to improving your financial future. If you have an overwhelming amount of credit card debt, bankruptcy may be the best way for you to completely wipe out your credit card debt and start the new year with a clean slate. Whether you have $5000 of debt or $100,000 of Continue Reading

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