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Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed to Contact You Once You File Bankruptcy

A debt collector is not allowed to contact you when you file for bankruptcy. Before your petition is filed, if you let them know that you have retained Bankruptcy Law Professionals for bankruptcy, it is already illegal for them to contact you. Once they have knowledge that you have retained our law office for bankruptcy and you have provided them with our contact information, they are legally obligated to contact our office in order to communicate with you as a debtor. Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, debt collectors should not be calling you at all. When your bankruptcy petition is filed, you are under bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy protection ceases all collections activities until your bankruptcy is dismissed or discharged by issuing an order to stop all collections efforts against you. This includes wage garnishments, bank account levies, collections letters in the mail and even any court and judgement activities are halted due to bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy protection is available to help you stop overbearing phone calls and communications from creditors. Bankruptcy Law Professionals is your Southern California resource to get your bankruptcy filed for a low price with a hand-held customer centric service. Every client’s financial situation is unique and our customer service policies will serve you as a unique situation and get all of your issues and questions resolved.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has offices in Riverside, Tustin and La Mirada to serve you. Please contact us for information or to set up an appointment at 855 257-7671. We look forward to working with you.

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