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Notice of Defaults in Riverside and San Bernardino

In the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, there have been 2,585 properties that were in a Notice of Default status at some point within the past 120 days. A Notice of Default is assigned to a property when a mortgage loan on the property is behind on payments for 90 days or more. This Continue Reading

Happy New Year! Time to Get Rid of Debt

Here comes 2015. Still have debt hangover from the recession or loads of new debt from the holidays? In 2015, don’t focus on who to blame. Stay focused on how to solve the problem. There is no faster way to get rid of your debt and repair your credit score than filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Continue Reading

How Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Family and People You Are Associated With?

Can a bankruptcy impact your family if you are the only one filing? Many people who are considering bankruptcy are interested in the impact of the bankruptcy to their immediate family or others who they may be associated with in business or acquaintance. The fact is that a bankruptcy filing can be done completely independently Continue Reading

What Happens While Your Bankruptcy Is “In Process”?

A bankruptcy attorney is always asked how long a bankruptcy will take to reach discharge and when the bankruptcy file will be closed. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can take anywhere from a few months to several months depending on your situation, how your case is managed, and how fast the court system your are working Continue Reading

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Filing Fees Raised on June 1st, 2014

Beginning on June 1st, 2014, filing fees for bankruptcies will be raised. Here are the new and the previous rates: Chapter 7 bankruptcy: $335 (up from $ 306) Chapter 13 bankruptcy: $310 (up from $281) Chapter 12 bankruptcy: $275 (up from $246) This increase may not seem to be a large increase, but if you Continue Reading

Why You Should Not Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney by Lowest Price

We know your financial situation is difficult if you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, but how much you pay a bankruptcy attorney should not be where you cut corners. You should not look for the cheapest bankruptcy attorney as the sole criteria for choosing an attorney to use in a bankruptcy. If the lowest Continue Reading

Can You File Bankruptcy If You Are Receiving a Tax Refund?

If you are worried about losing your tax refund because of a bankruptcy, don’t worry about it. It is not necessary to surrender your tax refund even if you are filing for bankruptcy. Your tax refund may stay in tact as long as you do not exceed the exemption limit for cash in a bank Continue Reading

Chapter 13 and Recent Tax Debt

We have discussed the utilization of bankruptcy to manage tax debt in past articles. It is widely known that a bankruptcy cannot provide a discharge for tax debt more recent than 3 years old. For recent tax debt, Chapter 13 may be the only solution. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can place your tax debt with Continue Reading

Is Student Loan Debt Really Not Eligible for Discharge in Bankruptcy?

Student loan debt is a weight on the shoulders of many Americans. Our client base in Southern California regularly asks us whether or not we are able to help with student loan debt in bankruptcy. There are mixed messages out there on various websites, and most people are under the impression that student loan debt Continue Reading

Still Think Loan Modification Might Be Your Next Move?

Loan Modifications have been in our local real estate language for several years now. Programs under HAMP or Home Affordable Modification Program have many different programs that are supposedly available to homeowners like HARP or Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP 2.0. The end-date for HARP according to the Making Home Affordable website is December Continue Reading

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