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You Can Qualify for Bankruptcy While Receiving Unemployment

Receiving unemployment benefits or any other income does not automatically disqualify you from filing bankruptcy. A bankruptcy is designed to help you keep your assets and income if your income is not enough to cover your debt payments. Collections companies can intercept income if you are employed by filing a case against you in court and winning a judgment to levy your bank account or garnish your wages. Unemployment income is a bit more difficult to intercept because there is no employer to help with a garnishment although a bank account levy could possibly take funds from a bank account where unemployment money was saved. There are many ways to qualify for bankruptcy. Do not assume that since you have some income or you are receiving unemployment benefits that you cannot file for bankruptcy because if your debt payments are exceeding your income or if your income is below the median level for the size of your household, you can definitely still qualify for bankruptcy. Make sure to check with a bankruptcy attorney in a consultation to find out how you can qualify for bankruptcy. You should be able to utilize a free consultation to evaluate your situation to make sure there is good potential for you to qualify for bankruptcy.



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