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Medical Debt and Bankruptcy

Many members of our community in Southern California are looking to bankruptcy to relieve financial problems with medical bills. If you have ever had a medical emergency without proper medical insurance, you know that medical costs are very expensive. Many people who are getting by on unemployment or low wages in the wake of the Continue Reading

Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney Stops Foreclosure

Although Orange County’s real estate market seems to be on the brink of recovery, there are still many homeowners who are in default of their mortgage. For these homeowners, Bankruptcy Law Professionals can be of great assistance. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has spent the past several years helping hundreds of people in Orange County with mortgage Continue Reading

Tax Refund and Bankruptcy

Don’t be afraid to come in for a bankruptcy consult even if you are receiving a tax refund. Even if you are receiving a tax refund, you may be able to keep your funds through the bankruptcy. There are exemptions in bankruptcy that allow you to keep cash and other assets. If your creditors are Continue Reading

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