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Tax Refund and Bankruptcy

Don’t be afraid to come in for a bankruptcy consult even if you are receiving a tax refund. Even if you are receiving a tax refund, you may be able to keep your funds through the bankruptcy. There are exemptions in bankruptcy that allow you to keep cash and other assets. If your creditors are moving forward with collections activities, you need those activities to cease and you can stop them by filing for bankruptcy. Do not put your tax refund at risk. If a creditor gets a judgement against you, they can levy your bank account where you are depositing your tax refund. Bankruptcy protection may allow you to keep the funds you are receiving from the government as a tax refund and protect your assets from your creditors.

If you are concerned about losing assets in bankruptcy, but have been considering bankruptcy as a solution to your financial problems, call us to find out more information on how bankruptcy can help you. Blogs are great ways to get information, but blogs are usually very general information. You need to get information that is applicable to your specific situation and your specific area. Bankruptcy rules are different in each state and bankruptcy courts behave differently in each county.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals sets the bar for high quality Riverside bankruptcy attorneys. We know how the system works there are the court system knows our people by name. We also have offices for our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys in Tustin and La Mirada. Please contact us at 855 257-7671 for more information.

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