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Bankruptcy: The Earlier, The Better

If you are in a difficult financial situation, don’t fool yourself into thinking that your situation will be changing if there is no evidence of future cash flow coming in soon to resolve your situation. If you are unemployed and do not have any prospects in the future, you need to explore a new solution. Continue Reading

Can I Stop Paying My Credit Cards While I am in Bankruptcy?

Credit card debt is a common part of life in domestic households. We use credit cards to pay for things that we should be able to pay for over time if everything in your financial life goes in its expected direction. A financial emergency is what may throw your credit card debt management plan into Continue Reading

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take in Riverside Bankruptcy Court?

In Riverside County and all of the Inland Empire, bankruptcy takes about 3 months to get through the whole process in Riverside Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy in Riverside County basically works the same as bankruptcy in San Bernardino County because both counties hold all of their bankruptcy proceedings in the Riverside bankruptcy court house located in Continue Reading

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