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Lender Litigation and Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy may allow you the time you need to enter into Lender Litigation with your mortgage company. Many home owners with distressed home loans have heard the term Lender Litigation and ak us how it would work along with your bankruptcy. If you file for bankruptcy and also intend to sue your lender due to unjust activity, bankruptcy may be the best way to complement the time you will need in order to start the lender litigation. In any situation where you have a sale date or trustee sale date or foreclosure auction sale date on your home, your top priority should be to stop the sale of your home so that you have enough time to start the lender litigation process. You will need to postpone your foreclosure sale date so you have the time to find the right lender litigation attorney for you. We have partner attorneys that can help you with lender litigation and may be able to save your home for the long-term. Our network has a vast number of resources available to you depending on your needs and your situation. You will also need to use your time to meet with the lender litigation law office and give them information they need so they can formulate a plan to save your home. Once again, the priority is to stop the foreclosure sale date on your home to give you the right amount of time you will need to explore the options of lender litigation. The bankruptcy will allow you the time to explore this option. Bankruptcy Law Professionals can talk to you about how to work with our partners in the lender litigation area of law and also refer you to a dependable resource to help with this negotiation. We will also be working in conjunction with other law firms that you may be working with to provide you with other services.

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