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Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney

Have you searched for the best Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney?

Were you able to find what you were looking for? Were you unimpressed with what the internet led you to in the past? Orange County has a countless number of legal professionals providing bankruptcy services. There are many things to consider before electing an attorney or law office in Orange County to help you.

Orange County, California is a fairly large county including large cities like Irvine and Santa Ana. The bankruptcy court house is located in Santa Ana. How important is it to know about an attorney’s background and experience in the Orange County area? It is extremely important. The court system in Orange County is just like anywhere else. Orange County bankruptcy trustees and judges have their own habits and procedures that a successful bankruptcy attorney must be familiar with in order to be successful in the local area. Orange County bankruptcy attorneys must be aware of how the local system practically uses or applies the bankruptcy code towards people’s specific situation. In addition, the bankruptcy trustees, judges, and administrators need to know what to expect in the paperwork they are receiving from an attorney when the attorney is representing their clients in court.

Local knowledge of the court systems can be applied in complicated bankruptcy cases and also in very simple bankruptcy cases. We can take, for a more complicated example, a motion to avoid a lien within a bankruptcy. If you need to avoid a lien while in the bankruptcy process, how do you go about applying this lien? There is a long answer to that, but we will address the issue from a clients’ perspective. Your attorney will need to know a few things:

1.) What is the preferred format which your bankruptcy trustee or judge usually uses when a lien strip motion is submitted?
2.) Does your bankruptcy trustee or judge have a history of dismissing lien strip avoidance motions?
3.) When is it too late to submit the motion to avoid the lien?

These questions and more need to be addressed before even submitting the motion. If you have worked in the court system and have extensive experience working within the system as our attorneys do, you will have the answers to these questions as second nature. More importantly, the judges and trustees know what our company name is and they know that our Managing Attorney, Mr. Brian Soo-Hoo, upholds an outstanding relationship with all of the staff at the Santa Ana court system. In the most simple bankruptcy cases, a tough bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy judge can turn a simple case into a very complicated one if you are not on the same page with an experienced attorney.

If you would like to schedule an appointment at our Santa Ana/Orange County bankruptcy law office, directly with our attorney, please contact us at (855) 257-7671. We look forward to working with you.

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