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How Can A Bankruptcy Attorney Help With Your Real Estate Issues?

There are many ways a bankruptcy attorney can assist you through your real estate problems. Many people believe that filing bankruptcy will just result in losing your home and the rest of your valuable possessions. The real truth is that a bankruptcy attorney may be one of the best resources for you in a time of real estate problems. Here is a summary of the possible options.

When you are facing foreclosure, a bankruptcy attorney can potentially help you in these ways:

1. Keep your home from foreclosure if you got in trouble with your mortgage only temporarily and are now able to pay your normal mortgage payment.

2. Postpone a foreclosure sale or eviction so that you can spend more time negotiating with your mortgage lender or give you more time to find a new place to live and move.

3. Get rid of any left over liabilities after a foreclosure or a short sale.

4. Help you start improving your credit after the impact of a foreclosure or short sale to get you back on track to buy another house in the future.

All of the options above are possible by utilizing bankruptcy options that are your right to use. Keep in mind that a bankruptcy is designed to help your situation, not make it more difficult. Bankruptcy protection can allow you more time to deal with debt issues like a mortgage default that can lead to a short sale, foreclosure, and eviction. Your options available will be specific to your situation. So, take the time to talk to a bankruptcy attorney about your specific situation and see if bankruptcy protection could be helpful for you and your family. It will be worth your time.



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