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Orange County Bankruptcy and The Holidays

Bankruptcy is normally avoided during the holidays because most of us are much too busy making our holiday plans, visiting relatives, cooking for families, and, of course, buying presents. Bankruptcy Law Professionals would like to remind you that we are open all through the holidays except for Christmas day and New Year’s day. As we come closer to the end of the year, we would also like to remind you that we provide free consultations to help you plan for filing a bankruptcy. So, if your finances are telling you that bankruptcy may be in your near future, contact us for a consultation. If you have any extra time off from work, or if you are currently unemployed, use your time wisely to plan for your future. Talk with an Orange County bankruptcy attorney.

A bankruptcy certainly should not be premeditated. Spending on your credit card before you file for bankruptcy can be seen as premeditated activity leading to the debt being deemed non-dischargeable by the bankruptcy court, but taking the time to learn about bankruptcy and what you will be responsible for throughout the process is one of the smartest things you can do if you are approaching a financial situation that is no longer sustainable. A bankruptcy consultation should be used to learn about the process and learn why you will need a law office and an attorney to help you through the process. You should use a bankruptcy consultation to choose the right law firm for you to work with. Ask your attorney questions about your situation and make sure the attorney has the right experience for you to get you the debt relief that you need.

This week, we have consulted many clients who are dealing with real estate issues or unsecured debt issues. Take some of your free time in this holiday season to meet with our Riverside or Orange County bankruptcy attorneys to help you set up your path for the upcoming New Year. The knowledge and expertise available to you at Bankruptcy Law Professionals can be very valuable for you and your family’s future.

Short sales and loan modifications have been on many of our minds in dealing with the foreclosure and real estate crisis. While helping our clients in the past several years, we have also encountered all of our clients’ real estate matters and helped them through it. Our real estate expertise is backed by expert real estate agents that we have worked with very closely to keep up with the rapid changes in the real estate market and to keep up with the best solutions for real estate matters. You can work with other bankruptcy law firms that have been in business for 25 years, but they may not have the most current experience that we do with the ever-changing real estate market. We have excellent information on HARP, HAMP, and other loan modification programs and how they work. We also have excellent experience in managing a bankruptcy with clients who are also in the process of a short sale. If you are in any of these situations, you should work with a bankruptcy law firm that knows how to manage them.

The foreclosure process is an area that we have been dealing with on a daily basis for many years now. We can help you take control of the situation if you are facing foreclosure. Bankruptcy Law Professionals can stop foreclosures to allow you more time to manage a loan modification or short sale.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals is available for in-person or phone consultations with our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys or Orange County bankruptcy attorneys. Please contact us at (855) 257-7671.

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