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Are You Too Young To File For Bankruptcy?

At what age should you file for bankruptcy? Is it too early to file when you are in your late teens or early twenties? Is it too late to file if you are retired? When you have been told all of your life to avoid bankruptcy, it might be difficult to judge the optimal time Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Riverside Court and San Bernardino Court

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has been practicing law in the Inland Empire for over a decade. We understand there are many choices to make when trying to select a bankruptcy attorney in the city of Riverside and surrounding areas, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. Since the San Bernardino court system and the Riverside court system Continue Reading

Creditors Force Stockton Bankruptcy

The city of Stockton is now filing for bankruptcy. What can consumers learn from the bankruptcy filing of a city? We can take a look at how the city’s dealings with their creditors finally pushed them into bankruptcy. Stockton went through countless hours of meetings with their creditors to see if they can negotiate payment Continue Reading

We Are a Bankruptcy Law Firm, Not a Legal Referral Service!

Bankruptcy Law Professionals is a Bankruptcy Law Firm! Many ads that you see on the internet these days are legal referral services or websites that refer leads to attorneys. Beware of this type of service. The referral service may only be providing your information to other attorneys which are not a part of their company. Continue Reading

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