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Did Your Bankruptcy Get Dismissed?

The Difference Between Dismissed and Discharged It is important to understand the difference between dismissed and discharged in the context of a bankruptcy filing. They are significantly different. A discharge is a good thing and a dismissal is not always a good thing. A discharge is when debt is essentially erased. Debt is not erased Continue Reading

How To Avoid Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees

Is There A Way to Avoid Court Filing Fees? The filing fee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is currently $335.  In order to avoid paying a court filing fee for bankruptcy in the Central District, you can apply for a fee waiver. There is an option to allow people to apply to waive the court filing Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Marriage

If you are a married couple, it is not required for both people in the marriage to file a joint bankruptcy. We have helped many married clients who only had one person file for bankruptcy in the couple. It is a good idea to only file one person if the difficult debts are only in Continue Reading

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